Thursday, June 30, 2011

Critique Until It's Automatic

(Or, Time for a Workout)

One of my lovely Crits for Water guests, Brigid Kemmerer, suggested if a writer wants to hone their critiquerly skills, they need to critique until it's automatic.

And I have the perfect place for practice today. Visit Krista's blog, where she's hosting An Agent's Inbox contest. There are 20 entries, each with a query letter and an excerpt. See which entries catch your eye and leave a few comments for the writers. It looks like fun.

If you need a few suggestions on what to watch for, see this post about dialogue, emotional reactions, and getting pulled out of the story. Or this post about characters and sensory details. And don't forget to be honest, thoughtful, and show some personality.


Anita said...

Wow. Just look at all the fun I missed online while I was a away on vacation. Thanks for the heads up, Mary! And I hope you had a lovely holiday! :)

Marybk said...

I hope your holiday weekend was fun, too, Anita.

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