Friday, May 13, 2011

A Chance to win JACOB WONDERBAR! by Nathan Bransford

(Or, Celebrating a Friend’s Release Date)

~~~>Reposting the 5/11 give-away since the entire blogging community crashed shortly after this went live*. NOTE: If you left a message yesterday, please comment again because yesterday's post is GONE (sniff), and I want to be sure to include everyone who showed up yesterday.<~~~
Today is the release date of the Nathan Bransford’s debut novel, Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow. Because Nathan was so nice a few weeks back during his interview here, at Not an Editor, I thought it’d be fun to give away a copy. Just cuz.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

a middle grade novel about three kids who blast off into space,
break the universe, and have to find their way back home.
See the first chapter here!

Here are the (simple) rules, in three steps.
1.    Follow this blog by clicking the “Follow” with Google Friends Connect button in the column to the right
2.    Leave a comment below. It can be anything, like the color you like to use when you critique.
3.    Tweet with a link advertising this give-away.

I’ll do a random drawing generator thingy and announce the winner tomorrow, on (*cue scary music*) Friday the 13th at noon (CST) UPDATE: Contest extended to Saturday, 5/14 at noon CST due to the blog issues.

That’s it!**

*If you ask me, I think a huge cosmic KAPOW caused the whole blogger blackout.
**Although, if you’d like to follow me on twitter, click the “Follow Me” button, also in the column to the right. :)


Kayeleen Hamblin said...

How sad that everyone's comments got lost. I hope I win.

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Oh, I tweeted yesterday, but I'm sure you saw that.

Reena Jacobs said...

Bummer about blogspot going down yesterday. I didn't get to ramble on some of my favorite blogs.

Welcome back. :)

New Follower

Marybk said...

Good luck, Kayeleen and Reena! Thanks for coming back. :)

Marewolf said...

I want to win! (again). I retweeted your stuff a couple times! And I retweeted Nathan Bransford's tweet as well.

Now I'm off to try and look at all the blogs that went up today! (Man, blogger really screwed stuff up!:))

Mandie Baxter said...

Great blog!

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