Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Fantastic Critiquer/Writers

(Or, Critiquerly Love Never Dies)

There are times that I read blog posts about critiquerly-related topics, and when I’m done, I sigh and think: I couldn’t have said that better myself.

Which is why I’m basking in the brilliance of a few bloggers this week and hijacking their wisdom. Here are a few recent posts I love.

Historical romance author Ashley March (interviewed by NAE here) discusses how much she values her critique partners and beta readers (plus she defines the difference between the two in a non-dictionary way) and gives some guidelines on how to go about finding critique partners and the whole thing is a critiquerly-oriented dish of chocolate fudge ripple. *heart-my-crit-partners sigh*

Literary agent intern Jessica Lei (interviewed by NAE here) talks about how having a critique partner is like any other relationship in that you have to find someone who genuinely likes your work. *kindred spirit sigh*

The ever-chuckle-provoking INTERN (interviewed by NAE here) has blogged not once, not twice, but thrice about critiquerly topics. Her first post outlines the 14 stages of critique acceptance, and in the second post she talked about how to get over revision paralysis, and her last post reminds everyone who to avoid as a critique partner. *giggly sighs*

Young adult author Jodi Meadows (interviewed by NAE here) shared how overwhelmed she feels to receive critiques back, and points out how when she feels she needs to go back and explain something to the critiquer based on their comments, it’s a red flag for her that she needs to fix something in her manuscript. *self-enlightened sigh*

I love it when formerly-interviewed NAE critiquers go on to post profound critiqerly things on their own blogs. Could it be that we've started a new critiquerly revolution? Critiquers unite!

Critiquerly love never dies.

Here's a promise: if you read all of the above posts, you’ll learn something either about the critiquing process or about yourself.

Come back and let me know.  


Jodi Meadows said...

Thanks for linking! Great round up!

Marybk said...

You bet, Jodi! <3

Anita said...

What a great shout out to some excellent writers. I'll have to head over and read this. ;) Thanks for the linkage, Maryb. I'm looking forward to your meme post, BTW!

Girl Friday said...

Thanks for these, that's a great round-up!

Marybk said...

Thanks, Anita and Girl Firady. :)

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