Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Online Workshops with Crit Groups

(Or, Extra Benefits of Crit Groups)  

A million pardons for repeating myself, but I lurve my online critique group at Write Stuff Extreme. We're a smaller bunch—a boutique group, as they told me when I first joined—with membership always at fifty or so writers.

About once a year, though, our group offers a workshop. Last year, the worshop centered on finding your voice. The one before that went into flash fiction, how it works, and how to write it. Right now? We're doing a plot-your-WiP workshop. So fun. Some of our participants are plotting new WiPs as they gaze longingly at November for nanowrimo. Other participants have WiPs already written, and they are analyzing these projects based on universal plot principles to see if any improvements scream out to them as we go along.

And yes, there's been a bit of screaming. In a good way. I guess Oprah would call these AHA moments.

Do you have an online group that might want to workshop together on plotting before nanowrimo? We're using Martha Alderson's The Plot Whisperer video series, sharing the results of assignments with each other. Consider suggesting some sort of workshop with your group. The results can be phenomenal.

What other things do you do with your critique groups? Have you workshopped something together?


cherie said...

I love WSE! I'm so glad you invited me. I've learned a ton just in the few days I've been there.

The other site that really helped me with writing is Agent Query Connect. I'm not there as often as I'd like, but in the earlier days of my writing, they educated me on the art of writing and the craft/skills needed to make your work shine. They're also very savvy on the publishing biz.

The bottom line is: online writing groups and workshops are a MUST, if one intends to have a writing career.


Marybk said...

Great tip on the Agent Query Connect, Cherie.

And yes, online writing tips is a must. :)

Jessica Silva said...

I still haven't tried one of these for some reason, but I've never been comfortable in groups of any size, so maybe that's why :) But I'm VERY glad it works for you!

Anita Grace Howard said...

Actually, a couple of the gals in my crit group have given workshops recently for the local writing group, and we always go out of our way to show up and support one another. :) Fifty sounds huge to me! LOL. Maybe because at five, we're only ten percent of that.

Marybk said...

Dear Jessica with the kick-a$$ blog with a huge group of followers, don't be shy. Give it a try. :)

Heya Anita! We don't have all 50 active at the same time...it depends on who has projects ready to critique. Our class size, though, is 10 and it feels huge. Loving it, though.

Bethany C. said...

I don't know enough people who want to read my drivel to actually form an official crit group. I have a very good friend (up there ^^^) who reads my stuff, but other than her--I'm all alone *wah*.

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