Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Ever "Eye of the Critiquer" Blog Awards

(Or, Summer's Best in Critiquerly Linkage)

Since the launch of Not and Editor in March, I now tend to get really excited when I read other blog posts on critiquing and critique partners. The critique process is so important in the overall writing process, so I've decided to create a blog award for some of the terrific posts out there.

Don't laugh at my graphics. Unless you insist. It's really not meant to be spooky. Unless you like spooky.

Eye of the Critiquer Blog Award
(Yes, this is my eye. I'm watching. I'm always watching.)

While researching some of the blogs with posts about critiquing and critique partners, I noticed a story arc, and so I've organized the award-winning posts into categories. SOooooo, here they are.

How Critique Partners Bring value: Beth and Ashley March have some convincing reasons for pursuing a critiquerly relationship.

Tips on Finding a Critique Partner: Tori Scott guest posts on Rusty Fischer's blog about using twitter, and Juliette Wade has a few ideas on what a writer should look for in a CP.

Different Types of Critique Partners: Jessica Silva talks about her alpha and beta readers.

Beware! Critique Partners can do Harm: Roni Loren discusses how writers can suffer death by critique.

Parting Ways: Suzan does a fine series about the CP relationship, but in this post, she talks about the dreaded break-up.

To my well-spoken blog winners: there are no rules to winning. Feel free to post the bling on your blog. Thank you for your informative posts.

Note: Again, I'm always looking for critiquerly posts. If anyone happens upon such a post, send it my way. I'll award Eye of the Critiquer every once in a while, so help me give the props where the props are deserved.



Roni Loren said...

Thanks for the blog award! :) I'll have to check out some of these other posts that I missed.

Suzan Isik said...

Wow, thanks! Appreciate the visit and the bling!

Tori Scott said...

Thanks for the award! Much appreciated! :)

Marybk said...

You're welcome, Roni, Suzan, and Tori! Loved your posts. :)

Lori M. Lee said...

How awesome! I'll definitely have to check those posts out :D

Anita Grace Howard said...

Congrats to all of the worthy awardees! I would never laugh at your graphics, Mary. I think that button is gorgeous! :)

Beth said...

Thank you for the blog award.

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