Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Do You Share with Crit Buddies?

(Or, All I Need is a Laptop. And Maybe Some Wine.)


My laptop has issues. It's already three and a half years old, and I use it every day. The left mouse key (or, is it a touchpad key?) is in dire need of a new spring, and I've actually switched the left and right button functions since the "click" function is kind of important in my writing efforts. And sometimes? The certain letters act up every once in a while. By acting up, I mean "don't work," not unless you press on it several times, and then you might get a whole row of that letter. At times it's just the letter J, but other times, it's the letter S. The battery doesn't stay charged anymore. 

But I'm not complaining. Because I love my laptop. Lots.

Because my laptop is how I connect with the writerly/critiquerly buddies. There's just something about a group of people who are as dedicated to the art of writing that fulfills me in a way I don't get anywhere else. 

And they get me, my writerly/critiquerly friends. They see my worst writing and my best. So I tend to—you know—share things with them.

Like today when I posted a new chapter on my online critique group board? I also posted an image of the Fountain of Time from Chicago's Washington Park, where this chapter takes place. Oh, and the poem by Henry Austin Dobson that inspired the monument. These two things aren't really well known, but they meant a lot to me when I wrote the scene. And I love how much my crit group appreciates the reference.

This is just one more thing that is so great about online crit buddies.

What have you shared with your writerly pals that you knew they'd get like no one else?


Anita Grace Howard said...

Love this post! Yes, I share pictures of settings and characters that inspired me for certain scenes. Oh, and music. I've been known to send along a song link so they'll be able to FEEL what I felt while writing it. :)

Marybk said...

Thanks, Anita. That's a great point--sharing the feeling with your crit peeps that you had during the inspiration. Oh, yeah!

Bethany C. said...

I'm new to the critter business, but I know what's helped me, TREMENDOUSLY, is when my pal adds little comments into the document. Things like, "I love this reference..." or, "ROFL" -- just little whispers to let me know that as she's going, she's picking up on all the details.

Marybk said...

Hi, Bethany C! I love when my crit buddies do that, too. It's so fun to read their reactions to specific passages.

Anonymous said...

My crit group gets me. They also have a great memory of what I've brought to the group before, which not only helps with the crits, but brightens my spirits.

Have a great week.

Sherri Shackelford said...

I call my critique group the 'dream team.' I couldn't have grown as a writer without them. Sometimes I share the inspiration, but mostly I only let them see what's on the page. To see how they interpret my words.

Marybk said...

Hey, Medeia! You have a great week, as well.

Sherri ~ That's a great point, to NOT share the inspiration to see what comes across. I've gone both ways, or sometimes I'll share afterwards so I don't influence the initial read. But I love sharing. :)

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